How to use me...

To charge - Plug the supplied charging cable into a usb port and the other end into the speaker. When charging the indicator will turn red. Charging is complete when the red light disappears - charging takes approx 1.5hrs

To switch on - press & hold button for 3-4 seconds

To switch off - press & hold button for 3-4 seconds

To pause/play music - press button once

To answer/end call - press button once

To reject call - Press & hold button for 3 seconds

To call last number - Press twice

To pair the speaker for the first time via bluetooth, switch on the MINIAUDIO. Then select MINIAUDIO in your device's bluetooth menu, when pairing is complete the MINIAUDIO indicator will flash blue.

To pair via NFC, simply touch your NFC compatible device with the base of the MINIAUDIO until paired.

To use the MINIAUDIO via the 3.5mm cable simply switch on the MINIAUDIO. Plug the 3.5mm cable in to the 3.5mm port on the MINIAUDIO, then plug the other end into your device.

To reset the device - hold button for 6-7 seconds until the indicator flashes purple. Then pair the MINIAUDIO again with your bluetooth device.

If the MINIAUDIO is not being used, it will automatically power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.